Ground Appetizers

Bruschetta with fresh small tomatoes and basil (2 slices)

Plein focaccia with extra virgin olive oil

Our selection of ham and Italian salami

Veal in tuna sauce with capers

Parma raw ham with fresh Burrata cheese

Mix of italian cheese

The Delicious

Borgo Antico Appetizers

Fillets of Anchovy Cantabrian Sea with hot bread

Meatballs milanese style with green souce home made

Buffalo mozzarella cheese with fresh cherry tomatoes

Brioche with Mortadella ham, fresh Burrata cheese and pistacchio cream

Shrimps cocktail*

Carpaccio of Salmon

* Frozen product at the origin

First courses

Home Made Pastas

Handmade ravioli filled ricotta cheese and basil with eggplant, tomatoes and ricotta cheese

Linguine with tomato sauce, yellow datterino tomatoes and fresh mussels

Big Maccarone with fresh lobster in cherry tomato sauce

The Classic Pastas

Lasagne (beef meat tomato sauce)

Tagliatelle egg in Bolognese style (beef meat tomato sauce)

Tonnarelli with Cacio cheese and black pepper

Tonnarelli in Carbonara style (eggs, streaky bacon, parmesan)

Potatoes dumpling with pesto in Genovese style with toasted sicilian almonds


Risotto in Milanese Style (saffron, butter and parmesan)

Risotto with Castelmagno cheese and nuts

Traditional Milanese Plates

Veal breaded Cutlet Milanese “Old Milan”

Beef cheek with mashed potatoes

Veal marrowbone with mashed potatoes

Main Courses with Risotto in Milanese Style

Veal breaded Cutlet Milanese “Old Milan” with Risotto in Milanese Style

Veal marrowbone with Risotto in Milanese Style

Beef cheek with Risotto in Milanese style

Main Courses

Steak House

Grilled Beef fillet gr.250

Beef fillet with Gorgonzola cheese and red wine reduction gr.250

Tomahawk of Irlanda Angus gr. 1200 about

Sirloin steak gr.600

Grilled roast chicken

Sliced beef with rocket salad, parmesan and small tomatoes

The Fish

Fry of shrimps* and squid*

Fresh Paranza’s Fish* fried

Sea bass* in Sicilian style

Salmon with spinach garlic, oil end pepper

* Frozen product at the origin

Big Salad

Mix salad, tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and bresaola beef

Mix salad with shrimps, tuna, smocked salmon, olives and tomatoes

Mix salad with cappers, olives, buffalo mozzarella cheese, fennech and oregano

Side Dishes

French fries

Mixed season salad

Tomatoes, rocket salad and red onion

Grilled vegetables

Baked Jack potatoes

Mashed potatoes

Spinach* with garlic, oil and chilly pepper

* Frozen product at the origin


The Special Pizzas with Buffalo Mozzarella

B & B

Tomato sauce, Buffalo mozzarella and basil


Tomato sauce, fresh burrata cheese, coppa ham and fresh tomatoes


Tomato sauce, Buffalo mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, red onions and spicy salami


Tomato sauce, Buffalo mozzarela, Parma raw ham, rocket salad and parmesan


Tomato sauce, Buffalo mozzarela, Bresaola beef, rocket salad and parmesan

Zio Mario

Tomato souce, Buffalo Mozzarella, smoked bacon and Porcini mushrooms


Tomato sauce, Buffalo mozzarella, spicy salami, sausage and peppers


Fresh tomato, Buffalo mozzarella and iberian pata negra ham


Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and summer black truffle


Buffalo cheese, goat cheese, extra quality norwegian smoked salmon and green adamas caviar

The White Pizzas

Quattro formaggi

Mix of cheese


Mozzarella cheese, Brié cheese and grilled zucchini


Mozzarella cheese, Gorgonzola cheese and smoked bacon


Mozzarella cheese, Porcini mushrooms and parmesan

Borgo Antico

Mozzarella cheese, friarielli, sausage and parmesan


Mozzarella cheese, shirmps, rocket salad and mushrooms

Our Classic Pizza


Tomato sauce, garlic and oregano


Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil


Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, anchovies and oregano

Tonno e cipolla

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, tuna and onions


Tomato sauce, rocket salad, fresh Buffalo mozzarela and fresh tomatoes

Quattro Stagioni

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, baked ham, mushrooms, artichokes and black olives


Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, anchovies, capers, black olives and oregano


Tomato sauce, mozz. cheese, baked ham, mushrooms, artichokes, capers, olives and oregano


Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, spicy salami


Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and grilled vegetables


“Stuffed pizza” with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and baked ham


Coca Cola – Fanta – Sprite – Ice Lemon Tea

Wine by glass

Long drinks

Water still – sparkling

Caffè / Cappuccino / Tea

National Liquors

Aged Foreign Liquors

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